The painting canvas plays the main role in this series of the works. These paintings, painted objects, have been constructed from numerous layers of hand-woven ribbons, matrixes and layers of everyday life. I have weaved small elements from my surroundings into a vague cluster of presence. How does it feel to float on the waves of timelessness? The material creates the inspiration. The love of the hands is directed towards the familiar material, which is usually ignored, seen only as a surface for paint. I have have been continuously shaking myself off from the idea of representation. The starting point for the process has been loyalty to the idea that each work does not represent a canvas but it is the canvas.

Tradition – contemporary art, concreteness – conceptuality and life – imitation. These concepts dissolve in the sediments of the painted objects. “Canvases” unfold the heroic story of the painting and yet …

they plant new seeds in its footnotes.

(more pictures coming soon)

A Footnote on the Authorship, oil on cotton fabric, thread, applied painting mass, a shoe, 2021