At Forum Box, Helsinki

Nov 11th – Dec 4th, 2022

The exhibition has been supported by Aboa Vetus et Ars Nova foundation, The Finnish Cultural Foundation /Varsinais-Suomi Regional Fund, Turku Art Association, Arts Promotion Centre Finland

I didn’t take it for granted any “art” would appear in this exhibition. If for a moment while working I had a clue of a painting, the next day it faded into a vague memory laying on the top of random blankets, carpets, books or forks. A shoe, blue, something to eat. A piece of string, softness, urge to use the bathroom.

Hypofutulore wanders in-between art and everyday life; art tries to attach itself to the picture like in a painting, while at the same time the physical world penetrates through the surface in forms of everyday objects and materials – as if trying to prevent a picture from forming up. On the other hand, it is too romantic to think, that “art” automatically turns everyday life into something better or holy: on the contrary “art” has an enormous energy to disturb reality into a situation, where it becomes impossible to name familiar objects like a shoe or a vacuum cleaner unambiguously.

Installation views below by Anna Autio.