2: BY THE OLD FIELD (2022)

At Mänttä Art Festival 2022

curated by Markus Kåhre

Ahon Laidalla / By the Old Field -series is supported by
The Finnish Cultural Foundation (Varsinais-Suomi Regional Fund) / Turku Art Association – Konstföreningen i Åbo / Arts Promotion Centre Finland / Valtavalo Oy

Title: HA0511

string, foam, leotard strip, acrylic paint, applied painting mass on canvas
81x64x7 cm / 2022

Title: HA0329

painting canvas strips (oil and acrylic on linen), string, nail, an asthma inhalator, applied painting mass, watercolour and wall paint on canvas
180x130x6 cm / 2022

Title: HA0503

textile sculpture, wood objects, foam, electronic cables
100x40x60 cm / 2022

Title: HA0421

painting strips (acrylic and oil on linen), shoe, string, nail, concrete, foam, wall paint on cotton 
220x215x6 cm / 2022

(Oulu Art Museum Collection)


Title: HA0513

string, leotard strip, electronic cable, applied painting mass on canvas,
86x71x6 cm / 2022

Title: HA0406B

painting canvas strips (Indian ink and acrylic on linen) string, nail, leotard strip, applied painting mass, wall paint on canvas
220x200x20 cm / 2022

Title: HA0406A

painting strips (oil on linen), shoe, string, nail, concrete, ceramics, tape roll, comb, pencil, wooden object, wall paint on cotton 
220x200x15 cm / 2022
(HAM / Helsinki Art Museum Collection)