Opening performance SIKA by Juha Allan Ekholm.

Through the idea of the Mental Ghetto I have had a possibility to dive into the individual’s exclusion of the self, the transformation of consciousness, the creation of a mental ghetto area, and a life inside that ghetto.

Despite the awkward subject, the exhibition doesn´t deal with internal death, submission or affliction but vice versa. These images are filled with cheerful patients, relaxed observers of the world and puffy X-characters. What stays, when you think you have given away everything? Living like in eternal Sunday?

Inspiration rises from bright colors, humour, street culture, hip-hop music and lust for the material. The favourite tools include large fabric canvases, glossy extra heavy acrylic media, a 40 mm brush and an XL size black ink marker (if I had some sponsors, I would probably mention them here). There may be other materials also, such as oil, collage, plastic films, and the handprint of another artist.

The Exhibition was shown 3/5 – 27/5/2018 at Myymälä 2 Gallery, Helsinki

The Backened Ears Hear The Deepest Secrets / acrylic on canvas, plastic and mdf-board, 2018