At Exhibition Laboratory, Helsinki

Oct 10th – Nov 8th, 2020

I tried to tarry as long as possible before heading to the studio. I noticed that Dr. Hennings had made some calls late in the night. She had probably been carrying out one of her “experiments”.

573 3389100

– you had tried to reach me.
– xxx xxx xxx
– orange teeth, what do you mean?
– xxx xxx xxx
– well, it says so on the tube. PO20.
– xxx xxx xxx
– read the text on the back. you must surely know that cadmium pigments get absorbed into the body through the skin and continue to accumulate..?
– xxx xxx xxx
– no, I’ve never heard of anyone presenting with symptoms in their teeth…
– xxx xxx xxx
– okay just wait a minute, I’m on my way! we’ll take a look at… the situation then.
hello? are you still there? Dr. Hennings?

The situation was even more stressful than I had imagined.

Painting as a Holder for Important Things:
a Measuring Tape, a Sneaker, a Fork, an Asthma Inhalator, a Coffee Mug and an Official A4 Paper

oil paint (painted on the back of the fabric), acrylic ink and pencil on linen, foam, acrylate, apple peels, pigmented concrete, rope, metal bag, flower base / 250x145x50 cm / 2020

Painting as a H MOLDER
acrylic, indian ink, pencil and oil paint on linen, granite, foam / 200x130x100 cm / 2020

Painting as a Holder
oil paint (painted on the back of the fabric), gesso and pencil on cotton, wooden edges 180x130x4 cm / 2020

Painting as a __________
Oil paint (painted on the back of the fabric) on cotton, acrylic primer, concrete, pigmented acrylate, paraffin wax 290x130x15 / cm 2020

Painting as a ho-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-der
pigmented acrylate and oil on linen, foam, concrete, acrylic, paraffin wax 250x170x15 cm / 2020