In recent years my exhibitions have consisted mainly of material-based painting installations that present a painting as a bit mischievous, disobedient, out-of-place-wanting and ugly. For some time, my work was inspired by Mathieu Kassovitz’s film La Haine, and its three main characters, Vinz, Said, and Hubert. My paintings defied and showed their dissatisfaction with their eternal position on the wall, as objects to be plucked, and showed strong commentary on their own historicity. They have been made to serve different benefits, ideologies and goals during the time, with ideas and purposes varying from moment to moment. Today, the worst enemy of paintings is the symbolic archetype of a sofa, above and in relation to which, paintings are created, mediated, and priced.

For me, this is theoretical, as my paintings are usually not sold and are not placed in the living room. However, the character shown by the paintings and their gifts of speech sensitized me to view them as individuals, different temperaments that could exist without human presence and consciousness